Why We Shine


Our leader is a former TV News Anchor. She knows the business. She’s been there, and continues to play an active role as a TV contributor, writer, blogger, author, fashion designer and more. She flaunts an extensive background in TV, journalism and PR, understanding both imperative sides of the communications business.


Nadine does things different. Her philosophy aims to help people, brands and companies establish and evolve their digital presence. She wants to make your brand look polished, savvy and sophisticated. Nadine takes the legit approach to social media. She doesn't pay for likes, friends, or fans- our goal is to generate creative brand awareness, promote engagement, and lure a loyal following.


Nadine values direct individual communication. You can count on our team to be responsive and attentive to your wants and needs. Our business is not 9-5; it's 24/7.


We sincerely value our niche and crave chemistry between ourselves and our clients.


Want to learn more about Nadine? Visit nadinebubeck.com.