The Breakdown


Brand Evolution:

Consider this an in-depth company consultation. We conduct a thorough evaluation of your brand now... and where you want to take it. We create a time-lined realistic plan for getting your brand to the next level. We give your marketing tactics a makeover and put our plans into action. It's all about brand awareness.

Social Media:

We aren't here to get you a million "likes;" we create and integrate a strategic social media plan that will be effective in interacting with your audience and gaining consistent, loyal, legitimate followers. Our philosophy is focused on engagement, reach, and awareness. Social media management, content creation, and more.


Media Buzz:

This is the "PR side" of us.  We'll get you exposure. We promise. If you're our client, we believe in you. We flaunt an extensive rolodex of contacts in the broadcast, print, and online biz. We determine story angles, formulate pitches, reach out to media, create one-sheets, secure media coverage, prepare you for interviews (talking points, etc), and provide you with media reports detailing our outreach and success. We carefully select the outlets we pitch; our philosophy is quality over quantity. We creatively pitch stories, not press releases.


Media Training:

We offer extensive image and interview consulting for media opportunities. We help you prepare to be in front of the camera, offering a complete digital consultation providing you with what-to-wear tips and a personalized make-up palette.  We also educate on combatting camera fear, interview advice, and more.


Proactive Campaigning:

We take a proactive approach to campaigns and special projects. We spearhead consumer promotions (giveaways, discounts, partnerships, etc) to gain product awareness. We strategize unique avenues of exposure through product placement, celebrity seeding, and special event organization. We aim to be creative in our approach.  We like doing things different. This would also cover influencer collaborations.


Digital Presence:

We offer professional videos for your promotional use. You don't have to lift a finger; we write, produce, film, edit, and upload a choice video options. We do this because we believe having a digital presence to illustrate your brand is very important.


Content Creation

Written content is essential. Blogging is all the buzz. We help create cool, catchy, informative content for your company to use on your website. Our background in writing and journalism allows us to effectively assist in producing original content by distinguishing story angles, formulating the articles, and copywriting.